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We offer a full range of pet sitting services throughout Deeside. Your pet sitters will visit your home while you are away and care for your animals so that you can have peace of mind. We believe in the personal touch and like to keep our clients updated regularly.
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About Me

I have loved animals all my life. My first love was Brough, a long-haired tortie who became a member of our family when I was just five. In addition to Brough, my siblings and I were very lucky to have other pets while I was growing up; Bramble and Saffron the guinea-pigs, Carmen and Steve the snakes and Willow the chinchilla.

In recent years I have gained experience in pet sitting although this has been largely informal with business coming solely through word of mouth. The enjoyment I received from this and the opportunity to give people peace of mind while they were away from their pets encouraged me to create Little Rascals Pet Sitters and offer our services to pets and their owners across Deeside.

I always knew that I wanted to get pets as soon as I had a place of my own, and sure enough my husband Clive and I adopted 2 kittens who arrived the day after we moved into our new house! Harris strolled confidently out of the carrier and proceeded to inspect his new home. His ‘sister’ Cecina had been a feral kitten and was very nervous and jumpy; she spent the next few days following Harris closely and hiding whenever we were present.


• Harris •


• Rascal •

Over the course of several weeks I spent hours getting her used to me and she ended up being the most cuddly and affectionate cat. Unfortunately we barely had one year with Ceci before she went missing but we still hold out hope that one day she might return. We next adopted Benji who was intended to be a young cat to keep Harris company. Unfortunately we discovered within weeks that he was actually an elderly cat with heart failure.

We had one glorious year with Benji, becoming very familiar with the vets and very inventive with methods of administering meds. As Benji became more ill he was less and less able to move around and we still felt that Harris would benefit from a companion to play with. This time we adopted a kitten. Rascal is a tiny, mischievous bundle of energy and fun. She adores Harris and if they aren’t playing they are cuddled up together having a snooze.

About Me

Like Naomi I was also lucky enough to have a variety of pets when I was growing up.

My family loves cats and we had four: Loopy, Shawarma, Falafel and Tahina. We also had Rudolph and Nibbles the rabbits and a lot of fish. It might sound a bit like Noah’s Ark but this was over a period of almost twenty years! Now Naomi and I have cats of our own and dream of a bigger house with more room for more pets. 

Naomi will be your primary pet sitter but I will also be on hand to assist when needed.


• Clive & Naomi •